Any Body for Tea? and The Omelet Murder Case

The Speeding Theatre Serves Up Murder and Mayhem (with a Side of Laughter)!!!

The first act is Any Body for Tea? A one act murderous spoof. The second act is The Omelet Murder Case. This play imagines what would happen if the tragedy of Hamlet were played like a story in a trashy detective magazine. Coincidentally, both Any Body for Tea? And The Omelet Murder Case are set in Chicago in the 1950s.

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8 Show Dates

Thurs March 7th 7pm
Fri March 8th 7pm
Sat March 9th 7pm
Sun March 10th 2pm

Thurs March 14th 7pm
Fri March 15th 7pm
Sat March 16th 7pm
Sun March 17th 2pm

Beverly Ron & Audra Duvall
Speeding Theatre’s Acting President
Marian Michaels
Speeding Theatre’s Secretary
Louise Rauckhorst