Doonesbury: The Musical

Book and Lyrics by Garry Trudeau
Music by Elizabeth Swados

A delightful romp of a show based on Mr. Trudeau’s famous comic strip.

Directed by: Andrew Ribaudo


Produced by: Super Summer Theatre & Standing Room Only Performing Arts


Presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals,

Zonker, Michael Doonesbury, J.J., Boopsie, B.D. and Joanie– they are all present and happily accounted for in this delightful romp of a show based on Mr. Trudeau’s famous comic strip. While they try to make it through commencement, the Walden crowd must fend off Zonker’s uncle Duke, who wants to bulldoze their off campus house and replace it with condos. Michael Doonesbury steadfastly pursues the feisty and lovely J.J., while J.J., tries to come to terms with her long lost mother, Joanie Caucus.

Was performed at The Super Summer In City Studio 3 Theatre
4340 S Valley View, Las Vegas NV 89103
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Show Dates


November 4 – 21, 2021
B. D.
Daniel Organista
Gus Pappas
Madison Feher
& Ashley Gonzalez
Anita Bean
Glenn Heath
Kim Glover
Josh Kidd
Vince Brouwers
Matthew Fisher
J. J.
Kayla Meyer
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