House of Tomorrow

 House of Tomorrow by Susan Shear

House of Tomorrow weaves together  humorous, yet poignant, stories about seniors taking strength from their yesterdays, pursuing the passions of their tomorrows, opening the doors and windows of their lives (AKA their houses) to remodeling and keeping their dreams big and their hopes high!

You’ll meet seniors navigating the uncharted waters of online dating, trying in vain to order a refill from a mail order pharmacy, responding to adult children concerned about driving safety, experiencing the stresses of forced downsizing— and see how  one senior’s view of a weekend together differs hilariously from her daughter’s take on it—as  well as other fun stories about seniors undaunted by the challenges life keeps throwing at them!

Performances take place at the Studio Theatre

4340 S. Valley View – do not go to the Ranch.

Show Dates

December 5th to December 15th.

Cast List
  • Blanche Rever (Clarice, Essie, Jill)

  • Bobby Miller (Mike, Dr. Becker, Jeremy, Man #2)

  • Carmen Apelgren (Mrs. Clark, Lydia)

  • Francine Yvonne (Mom , Velma, Sylvia)

  • Howard Shapiro (Dennis, George, Teddy)

  • Johnny Wennstrom (Charlie, Sid, Henry)

  • Ken Chapman (Rick, Angel, Ray)

  • Kylie Willingham (Jen, Francie, Misty)

  • Louise Rauckhorst (Harriet Herman, Wilma)

  • Lucien Lockhart (Bonnie, Marge, Patty, Sandy)

  • Melinda Baker (Marion, Debbie, Rebecca)

  • Nancy Marcellus (Pam, Kass)

  • Paul Beilman (Rick, Geoff, Fred)

  • Sherri Willingham (Barbara, Grace, Linda, Carla)

  • Bill Trapp (Sound Design)

  • Sherri Brewer (Director)