Opera ROX - Fundraiser!

Music Licensed Through Ascap and BMI

Directed by: Skip Gallo Katipunan


Produced by: Super Summer Theatre & Vegas City Opera

This concert features all your favorite operatic hits set to rock beats and techno

music. From the scene in the Fifth Element, to music from video games this concert

shows that even classical music can ROCK!

Where Opera and Pop Covers COLLIDE!

Will be performed at The Space

3460 Cavaretta Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89103



Approx 2h Run Time

July 23 & 24

8pm PST

Live Streaming Option Available For Saturday July 24 Performance

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Show Dates


July 23 & 24

8 PM PST Dates TBD

Live Stream Option:


A Live Stream Option will be Available Saturday July 24 for $10
Audition Dates TBD