Pirates of Penzance

Performed September of 2018

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Picture Archive

First Mate: Jacob Weiss

Queen Victoria: Ginger Land-van Buuren

Edith: Bonita Bunt

Isabel: Kristina Wells

Kate: Kim Glover

Samuel: Keith Dotson

Police Sergeant: Susan Easter

Ruth: Rebecca Morris

Major-General Stanley: Stephen Rinck

Pirate King: James McGoff

Frederic: Karsten Pudwill

Mabel: Kayla Wilkens


Miguel Alasco (Frederic)

Rabuel Aviles (Ruth)

Emily Kurcan Stephenson (Mabel)

Meric Pittman (Police Sergeant)


Miguel Alasco

Katherina Candelaria

Edith Ellithorpe 

Keely Frederiskson

Terri Gandy

Chase Gutierrez

Moe Meyer

Meric Pittman

John Wennstrom

Mike Winget


Rabuel Aviles

Devon Burke

Emily Clements

Nicole Harris

Jenelle Catherina Magbutay

Stephanie Redman

Emily Kurcan Stephenson


Miguel Alasco

Napoleon Buenrostro

David Casey

Jeff Doty

Chase Gutierrez

Michael McKenna

Meric Pittman

Jeff Vegas

Jacob Weiss

John Wennstrom

Mick Winget

Production Crew

Director: Skip Galla Katipunan

Assistant Director: Adrienne Showker

Producer: Ginger Land-van Buuren

Musical Director: Dean Balan

Choreographer: Anastasia Weiss

Stage Manager: Marni Lewis

Assistant Stage Manager: James Eisnor

Technical Director: Nicole Laiben

Set Designer: Steve Paladie

Head Carpenter: Brian Rogerson

Lighting Designer: Liz Kline

Prop Master: Stacia Zinkevich

Costume Mistress: Stephany Priola

SST Production Crew: 

Soundboard Operator: Morgan Lin

Audio Technicians: Dom Luchansky, Dimitri Agnos, Taley Tran

Technical Director: Wyatt Heatherington-Tilka

Production Director: Camren Wakefield

Master Electrician: Jody Caley

Carpenters: Nyla Walker, Dannielle Doplayna, James Eisnor

Electricians: Sydney May, Gina Manago, Darren Simmons

Production Interns: Aria Horvat, Tyler Weiss


Flute/Piccolo: Christin Nance

Oboe/English Horn: Gilbert Casteñeda

Clarinet 1: Bryan Wente

Clarinet 2: Turner Norman

Basoon: Brian Marsh

Horn in F: Danny Layher

Trumpet: Jorge Machain

Percussion: Manny Gamazo

Violin 1: Dmytro Nehrych

Violin 2: Samantha O’Connell

Viola: Dalton Davis

Cello: Lindsay Johnson

Bass: Jonathan Zeh