The Rat Pack Lounge

Frank, Dean, and Sammy are up in heaven, but God tells them they left some unfinished business back on Earth. It seems Frank made an unfulfilled promise to Vic, the owner of the Rat Pack Lounge. Now he and the boys have one night to make things right. With over 30 hit songs, The Rat Pack Lounge will leave you singing and savoring the days of highballs and high rollers.

Show Dates


Performances Thursday, Saturday Nights at 7pm, Sundays at 2pm.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to performance.

We will be getting a hold of ticket holders about their options.


Bobby Goldberg/Sammy Davis Jr = Kelly Lee Williams *

William Saunders/Frank Sinatra = Wayne Morton

Jorge Rodrigues/Dean Martin = Daniel Organista *

Katherine Kerr/Angie = Meghan Elizabeth *

Vic Candelino = Napoleon Buenrostro

God = Jay Joseph

God’s Secretary = Angela Marie

Director = Courtney Sheets

Musical Director = Dolly Coulter

Choreographer = Rommel Pacson