Ranch FAQ

The Ranch


Large Group Inquiries

Super Summer Theatre does not have a group discount rate for our summer productions. The cheapest ticket option is to purchase during our office hours with cash or check to get the $20.00 ticket price. 

We ask that you please do NOT bring the following:

Chair Policies

We divide the meadow into two sections, the chair section is for normal camp style chairs.Only regular size chairs, NOT high back or elevated chairs, are allowed in the chair section.

The Meadow or Blanket side are for blankets, pillows and stadium style chairs.

Please do not bring Lounge or banana chairs. The blanket section can have stadium chairs with backrests, but no type of beach chairs. Your bottom has to be on the ground. Beach sand chairs are not allowed. Please refer to photo below.

These rules will be enforced for the viewing pleasure of ALL our patrons. Thank you and enjoy your time at the park.)

Mission Statement

“The mission of SUPER SUMMER THEATRE is to promote the use of Nevada State Parks by providing quality, family-oriented, and reasonably priced outdoor cultural entertainment to the community including theatrical arts educational opportunities.”