Rain Policy


  1. Very important – Just because it is raining at your house does not mean it is raining at the ranch! Many times the storms that hit the valley in the afternoon, hit the ranch in the morning. Historically we have run many seasons with no rained out performances.
  2. Shows are not considered rained out until curtain time. So drive on out to the ranch!
  3. If Rain prevents a shows opening curtain, KEEP your rain check ticket stub! If the show goes less than half way through then you can use that stub for another performance. We will announce on this site and on 702-579-PLAY, and a rain date show will be set to honor your “rain check” ticket. If the show runs over halfway no rain date will be set, and that performance is considered concluded.
  4. If you stay home when rain appears threatening but we have our show, we will not honor your ticket for that date at any performance.
  5. NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES. Remember, there is always a slight risk that weather may intervene or disrupt the event when you purchase tickets to an outdoor theatre.
  6. If you intend to use the venue’s blanket viewing area you may want to bring a plastic tablecloth or small tarp to cover the grass before you lay out your blanket.
  7. On days that are in question (rain appears threatening), you can call 702-579-PLAY after 5 PM for a weather update. One of the board members will make a recording around 5 PM with a ranch weather report. This only happens when there are weather concerns.
  8. Do not email SST after 3 PM because no one is available to respond.
  9. If a performance reaches the half way point and then gets called due to weather a rain check will not be issued.

We always try our best to present shows on the date scheduled